Okay. So I have a logical explanation. A reasonable excuse. And a formal reasoning for spearbreak disbanding I swear

  1. Infamy being wiped.
  2. Stressing over infamy.
  3. Thoughts of disbanding overcame anyways
  4. Way too skill issued.
  5. Amogus
  6. We were kinda dying anyways
  7. Amogus
  8. skill issue
  9. Sus

Hopefully you guys understand


percy that is the most bull shit i heard today lmao

You could of just simply said that you wanted to


in other news. We’re currently having everyone try and surpass aabstruct in skill that way we don’t end up getting slaughtered the moment we step foot back in AO

You know you could’ve waited for vetex himself to disband all guilds instead of disbanding it 6 months prior to AO

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