Omg its Astra-chan 😳

Queen :crown:




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nope nope nope get the guns


love her outfit!

how’d you come up with it?

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Amazing… Just amazing…
Now, this is not a comment to make this work of art worse, I simply had an idea for the outfit as I saw it, just in case you may want to add a thing in the future: What about her wearing some sort of ankle bracelet with like… small, blue, sparkling crustals.

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actual queen

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@Cosmos im assuming this you wife

I like the rings around her wrists
it’s cool
though i’m a bit confused on why they’re only like semicircles and not full circles

We do a pinch of trolling

came up with it on a whim

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Nope, this post, cease to exist it must

i agree with this

Yes, this post, exist it must

Touch grass right now

horni time :flushed:


NEBULA ASTRA-CHAN!! :weary: :weary: