On a scale of 1-10 how hooked are you with Arcane Odyssey?

For me I think it’s a 10/10

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good game but grinding for dark sea sucks

9, I still got life to deal with
I only main azurlane and arcane odyssey

10/10, you literally make your spells, that’s so cool

8/10 refreshing to come back to, but I just craft better drip

6/10 game’s good but give me a consistent framerate

5/10, and now maybe 2/10 considering i’m picking up steam and i’ve started playing pizza tower

7/10, for arcane because the forums takes up the rest of my time :pensive:

10/10 when playing the storyline or fighting bosses or researching the lore.

4/10 when trying to finish my file’s build but instead procrastinating.

9/10 when there’s stuff besides grinding to do.

6/10 for grinding. At least the grind is slightly interesting compared to… you know… a simulator.

ao is literally my number 1 obsession rn 10/10


10/10, play daily, hunt/pvp daily

7/10 I do practice aiming for AO pvp and yeah i play it a lot but Its not like i prioritise AO over actual family matters.

I am still mad about pizza tower losing best inde game of the year

5-6/10 since imo endgame grinding is getting stale
when i was still doing the story like 11/10 it was so fun to me
imo the greatest part about the game was the exploration and the ds just kinda doesnt feel unique for me anymore its different islands every time but they still feel the same somehow

Man, it was a 10/10 from like late September to December, I had a shitton of things to do - Jewelcrafting, potions, etc etc then the Dark Sea released and there was so much stuff I got so hooked I built 3 files completely with (almost) min maxed gear, leveled a fourth (Warlord waiting for Knocking), and was mid-way through a Warrior before I took a break that will probably last until the Nimbus Sea


3/10 the sunken warrior grind is soul crushing what was vetex thinking

7/10 currently, was 10/10 when i was grinding my ass on grinding dark sea expeditions.