On a scale of 1 to 10, rate the quality of the people at your school

Self explanatory post.

for me, it’s honestly a 3/10. maybe a 3.5/10.

don’t get me wrong, there are a good small bunch of great people there, but the majority is… rotten, almost, which feels harsh to say as I’m around the same age as these people but they’re poor excuses that barely if not straight up fail to pass as a decent human and I’m shocked there’s such a lack of character where I attend school.


most? people at my school are passing all their classes

as far as I know
(I’m in 9th grade)


i take showers everyday after school for a reason

i also gotta say a 3/10.

most of my class are at eachother’s throats, usually.
Teachers not being present during class can sometimes further add fuel to the oil with my class’s idiotic behavior.
However…we have a bunch of introverted people (including me) that usually don’t talk much, or they do talk when somebody else starts a conversation first.

About their grades?i might be one of the few people that actually studies for tests, and gets pretty good grades, other than from math, obviously.
so yeah, my class’s grades are dogwater, and we are considered the “best class” in school.

i’m gonna be real with you the people in all my classes get a solid 10/10
ive spoken to a plethora of people who take other subjects and i’d have to give the whole group of them a solid 6/10 :sob:

:astonished: :open_mouth: :hushed:

I had to develop that habit a bit more in college :skull:
High School is not conducive to learning and ingraining a basic skill/habit like that.

5/10. It’s a mixed bag really. Some are pretty nice to be around. Some will jump and possibly shank you if you get on their bad side.


I go to one of the most prestigious schools in Victoria (not bragging), and everyone in there are absolute academic sweats since you needed to take a state-wide exam to be accepted. So they take studying very seriously even if the subject in question isn’t very useful.

But they are also really cool people, and fun to hang out with.

My friends are great, and their friends are good as well. Then I couldn’t care less about anyone else.

7/10, could be higher since i don’t really interact with people there, but they all seem nice and don’t interrupt class too badly except for this one kid who is somehow bold enough to watch tiktok without earbuds in during class

most people are so insanely loud and don’t know basic human decency
there are some good people, but the majority just sucks



Religious college. I am not religious. Would prefer to go a day without being indirectly told I am innately evil and the government would be best ran by members of the faith.

In all honesty, the students are closer to a 7/10, most are chill (albeit lazy group partners). But I just find it difficult to be friends with people I know I have to lie to.

8/10, annoying people still exist, but it’s a school where people actually mind their own business (most of the time)
they’re also pretty funny (most of the time)

why would you go to a religious college if you… don’t believe in the religion?

public school but like 90% of the people are nice

10/10 for people I’m doing online courses with, since I don’t have to see them

2.3 / 10 for people I do have to talk to since I hate irl interactions :fr:


Oh yeah totally nothing can go wrong with this

it’s not like this has happened before and thousands of innocent people died in a certain uh, religious crusade cough cough the catholic church cough wheeze cough