Once bounties come out what do you think is gonna happen to the state of RK'ing

by definition I think it would technically no longer be considered rk if you’ve got a sufficiently high bounty but like lets ignore that

I’m certain it will just be another nail in the coffin for dark reps getting killed, since if dark reps can collect bounties (which I don’t see why not most games still allow it) it’ll just be more pain from every front

Extreme chaos

this game not have so much fight ,and usually people pretty chill and i not think people will find to relevant try find a dark wizard on other side of map

you don’t really get a bounty unless you kill magic council or raid private storage, which can mostly be avoided
idk if there’s any more things that can give bounty in the wilderness, but as long as you mainly avoid towns you avoid the worst

I’m legit only bad rep for pvp, you lose 5 rep every time you hit someone

well but at least i will can get close to a guy with bounty fishing and talk,hi you being rescued,pls not resist

I’d chase someone from summer hold to new alalea for a bounty

sorry sir but the council’ll pay me 2 crowns if I take you in PREPARE TO DIE

people that was just doing 1x1 and other things will go insane because them gonna have a reason to attack everthing that move,having a reason to fight on games sometimes is worst than rking :confused:

hi welcome to the arena,there is no boss give me you bounty

Ngl having a guy hunting you down in this game would be scary

everbody gangsta until somebody jump of a bush with a knife

erm its probably going to get worse.

There better be some compensation for the Dark Arts community

I just need some money.

I think what’s going to happen is things will be the same but this time you get money

Scary fun. Imagine, if you think heroes are common now, imagine the ENTIRE SERVER hunting you. (Bounty money band-wagoners) I would literally be a villain solely for that; just so I don’t have the guilt of feeling bad for RK-ing people. It would be fun, having them come to you, only to realize they didn’t know what they signed up for as you defend yourself/defeat them. OR EVEN BETTER, make friends with them! (Doubt that the second idea would work lol)

i think it’ll be excusable

Me and MC ranking system goes brrrrr