One year in the forum


Forumers that are very cool in my opinion 2023 - 2024

Mirage (Always thought she’s been here since 2020 lol)


congrats :partying_face: there is no turning back now :smiling_imp:

congratulations on the anniversary badge.

what abt me :cry:

Its just going to be worse from here :fire::fire::fire:

same 'ere mate. Somehow feels like it.

(it felt as if she was here before me)

Being here is like walking into a distant relative’s birthday party and being greeted by family members that i have no recollection of but somehow know my full name, address, place of employment, and medical records

its been fun

you’re just very forgettable
you should post in more topics :nod:

bruh ok

Im sorry for your loss

139 unread

congrats i have to wait 1 DAMN MONTH…

you’re here forever now
hope you like it!!

Ayee, congrats on one year Zipher! (and thanks for thinking I’m cool B))
Maybe you’ll get devotee soon :eyes:

congratulations you’re 1 years old

leave before it’s too late

Its joever bro, I am as corrupted as an Atlantean