Online Fighting: Infinity Dev Log

Online Fighting: Infinity Dev Log

I’ll post here if I remember :moyai:

This will be a thread where I post stuff about an Online Fighting remake I'm developing along with @ASaneHuman .

Feel free to check the trello / discord invite mods let me know if this breaks rule 11 for the game on my profile or here!

Well, not really much else to put in this main post, so check below for progress.


First things first…

The entire first sea (no name yet) is pretty much finished, unless I decided to add more islands. There be a few photos below…

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Online Fighting’s sea was called “Old Seas”

That’s what the whole sea cluster is called, I haven’t yet thought of a name for the first sea specifically :stuck_out_tongue:

oh, that makes more sense

he stole my method :wtf:

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maplestorm vs yellowstone rivalry?

personally i would rather it be a cooperation

you are so real for that one maplestorm…

also im still taller than you :trollface:
(im still shocked by that)

That’s cool, mind if I join in on the project? (I’m pretty good at programming and math if that helps)

Also isn’t that directly from the Online Fighting file Vetex uncopylocked?

Not lookin to hire anyone at the moment, but we do need a programmer…

Also I used the uncopylocked Online Fighting as a base to start building the map

Its called the Grand Tide Isles

There were multiple overarching areas in the first sea, one of them was the Tidal Isles, but there never was an official first sea name iirc

Well in any case I would be glad to help teach you how to program :)

perhaps you two could create a discord server or something (so you could help each other/get help when you come across issues in programming or when brainstorming, etc.)

Maple is less than 5’6? maple is a midget confirmed?

this is harassment im calling the mods >:(

but maple… you are the mod…

i need reinforcements for this one the issue is very very serious