Online Fighting: Infinity Dev Log

not having your studio in dark mode is a criminal offense yknow

studio looks better in light mode for everything but scripting

you cannot change my mind on this

It towers…

Aye. Ping me all you want. Not a big deal. :+1:

my friend finally made a forums account, he is @ASaneHuman

say hi to him :moyai:

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I understand how it feels to be vetex…

This island is almost the size of WoM…
Sameria 2…

why did I choose to do this

Could you provide a discord link if OF:I has one?

If you click the hyperlink that directs you to the trello and go to the “About” card you can find a link to the discord server

Arcanium Weapons imbued with the Aether and Fire Curse

What rare magics are there in game?

This game uses Sea Curses as it’s drawing of magic which as a result, for the sake of our sanity, you will be unable to use magic or magic circles in this game.

Curses are basically magic anyway, just very potent magic

Nice, I’ve never played online fighting so how does this work? You start with any magic of your choosing and can fight?

Or do you have to move from pace to place to unlock more stuff and then fight

you can only use melee and weps i think, also ship combat

you start with nothing but a fighting style, and you have to find/buy weapons and find curses

Back in OF, you only started off with the basic fighting style. To get magic, or curses in this case, you had to go around the map and find them while also meeting the level requirement

Just got done doing a bunch of stuff on the trello

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