Online Fighting Technology in Approximation to Modern Day

In terms of modern day years i.e. the 1500’s, the 1600’s, etc. What technological era would you argue that OF is in?

1500 is right after the big-bang
1600 is early era
1700 is past era
1800 is “current era”

considering how poor Old Sea was, prob 1600

Most advanced thing I remember in OF was a musket.

isnt that like, the most advanced thing in AO?

nah in ao its the war seas so we have magic shit like devourers and curse vaults and arcanium as well as non magic shit like brigs

is OF even still avalible on Roblox?

its uncopylocked :person_shrugging:

and what does that exactly mean?

It had to be at least the 1460s then

it means you can take the game and look at its code for yourself, bro doesnt know roblox :person_facepalming:

my question is, can you play it?

Yeah but it doesn’t work

why not?

Old code, broken overtime by roblox and had become very outdated

just like AA?

Probably, code was very simple as well and changed over time and broke down, that code shouldnt be working anymore and game is just a walking around game ig.

Unsure if it was under filteringenabled

if not filteringenabled prob just broke it more