Online Fighting

Anyone interested in making an online fighting remake where players can find and use curses.

Theres so many arcane adventures remakes but I’ve heard of no online fighting or world of magic remakes


For good reason


Okay but online fighting?

That’d be cool

I am complete shit at scripting and played online fighting once (my OG 2013 acc played it) but if you ever need some ideas i gotchu :sunglasses: :point_right: :point_right:


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Do you have experience developing?

Can you build?

There is a Onepiece Golden age remake ill send link

No experience devving but i do know how to insert parts and recolor some shit, that is really the most i can do :person_shrugging:

That’s not online fighting

I need online fighting

Considering that OF sources are like non existence, it’ll be a lot harder to do

Hey if you’re a beginner dev then that means you could put the 2014 feeling on the online fighting remake :smiley:


Everything I w seen and heard about OF was pretty cool, unfortunate that I never got to play it myself

Not really. I end up making unfinished games

But I can make some models

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Online fighting is older than my brother

Online fighting… Those were the days.

Online Fighting when I turn the internet off: