[OPEN] Chibi Art for Golden pearls/Sunken Items/Seasonals


Yo wassup, uh first things first, here’s my permit


Essentially, Ill do art of your character, for funny AO items.


  • For the sake of me not getting scammed, I’d prefer taking the payment first [or half if you’re just offering golden pearls]
  • You NEED to have proof of you owning the items you claim you do
  • I can waive the requirement of payment-first if I think you’re trustworthy :+1:
  • Clarification on pricing: You only need to pick one payment method! I.e 50 golden pearls for a headshot! not both the pearls and seasonals!
  • Please do not offer the following!
    Omen masks, duplicate 4th of July items, duplicate cauldrons
  • please do not offer galleons
Type Golden pearls Seasonals Sunkens
Headshot 50 2 N/A
Halfbody 100 4 1
Fullbody 150 6 2

Sunken sword for any of the above gets you +1 extra fullbody

PM/DM me !!

Completed orders



Do i have to pay 150 golden pearls, 2 sunkens, and 6 seasonls for a body shot or do you get to pick one

One option, not all of them!
i.e you’d only pay 50 pearls for a headshot, not 50 pearls and the seasonals!

well that’s one reason to start fishing i guess lol

Whats the chance of golden pearls spawning

They’re quite rare but I do believe you’d have a better chance with farming rare/uncommon ingredient bags and hopping between islands.
Also trading for them is equally as easy! ^^

I’ve literally only found four golden pearls after 70+ hours on my main file gg

Just realized most people have like 3 pearls and they never do anything with them so i can just trade them, went from 0 to 17 in under 10 minutes lol

time to grind pearls
after i bully carina’s garndpa

a lil tiny bump ! <3

Im gonna hope this stays open for like the next 2 days cause im only at 25 lol

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