Opinion on Awakening

What do you think of them?
My take on it

Savant: 5/10

Warden: 7/10
Actually better then anticipated

Paladin: 8/10
Has a cool self synergy

Juggernaut: 9/10
Yet again a self synergy that will help survive some attacks while neae your target

Knight: 8/10
Yet again a good thing
You guessed it
But if you are not using claws for feral swipe or any weapon ranged attacks its allways a good idea to have damage reduction

Mage: 6/10
Go back i want to play AA

Warlock 11/10
My based oppinion bc you get damage no matter what side you go, magic or strenght

Conjurer 9/10
Everyone wants free arcanium weapons
Could be cheesy with weapon casting

Berserker: 5/10
A little lower bc we have no idea on actual strenght skills, but we do have an idea of them.
And the stamina regen will be valuable

Warrior: 6/10
Yet again, just bc we dont know the second part of it
It goes to a little lower tier
4th weapon? :nod:

Savant: 6/10
Balanced but no one is going to play it because it’s just spread too thin. The only real upside in my opinion is that it gets two damage boosts and is the only class/build able to have both two fighting styles and two magics. It could also potentially get one lost magic/fighting style which would make it the most versatile (which is kinda the point of this build). It also benefits from the damage buffs the most imo

Warden: 7/10
20% damage reduction isn’t something to overlook. That as well as just naturally having high defense will probably make the user A TANK. Too bad they’ll be hitting you, at most, with the same strength as a Savant.

Paladin: 8/10
I’m guessing this, and Mage, will be the most popular. Damage reduction is like a free +2 for rating imo because it effectively increases your health by 10% for free.

Juggernaut: 8/10
Same as Paladin really but for fighting styles

Knight: 9/10
Two damage buffs and 10% damage reduction. Fear the knight, embrace the way of the sword.

Mage: 6/10
imo the second awakening should allow for gaining ancient magics or faster magic energy regeneration, similar to Berserker’s stamina regen buff. It seems kinda lackluster for being a build most people will probably chase

Warlock: 7/10
Magic Fist from AA but with any fighting style + 2nd magic

Conjurer: 7/10
Just warlock with weapons

Berserker: 7/10
Multiple fighting styles seems better than multiple magics with them each being more specialize and less broad than magics. The class/build I’m personally gonna go for as well for my no magic file though Knight is very tempting. I hope it has the ability to gain 2 lost fighting styles like how Mage is the only class/build able to have 2 lost magics. Can’t wait to have Thermo Fist, Knocking Fist, and idfk Karate?

Warlord: 7/10
Seems kinda boring imo and is probably the class/build I’m least excited about.

Warrior: 8/10
Max weapon stat + weapon damage increase? Probably the ideal glass cannon. Imo weapon cooldown reduction (by 10/20%) would be nice for a second awakening or the possibility of a fourth weapon. Shields being able to be equipped without taking up a weapon slot would also be fine but imo this is shaping up to be probably the biggest damage dealer.

Overall: 8/10
I like how each one is being more unique and not just points allocated in different stats. Personally though I’d kind of want to see people have more choice in what kind of stuff they get from awakenings. To be able to choose various types based on what your stats are would be nice. Maybe to get your second magic you need at least 100 points of Magic, but it’s more or less open for every class/build so long as you got 100 points into Magic. Not gonna go any further into this since this is pretty much entering suggestions territory but still something like this is what I’d personally would want to see from Awakenings.

pretty gud all around and happy about this

what the fuck, did I miss something sand man???

thank you :relaxed:

Personally as a future Warlock I’m coping hard that I can’t get both a second magic and a second fighting style. Coping even harder that I can’t get my third magic. Originally, my plan was to go :light_magic_var2: :gold_magic_var1: :ice_magic_var3: with Life as ancient, and use sunken sword to do the soak freeze metal combo. But now I’m just going :light_magic_var2: :gold_magic_var1: with Blizzard as my lost because I desperately want this combo. Sucks that I’m gonna be such a glass cannon now without Life.

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