Opinion on the navy

imo corrupt and useless, a bunch of jerks

The navy can be divided into 3 phases: low rank, mid rank and high rank.

Low ranks are the innocents and majority, they don’t know what is Goin on so they’re mostly neutral on toxicity. The nicer ones will look up to the high ranks. There are rare exceptions them being total jerks.

Mid rank is Major, stuck in a awkward position, and prob the most painful: too much fame making him a living target but not lb level of skill. A huge gap beteween low and high ranks. Majors are generally ok except for a certain one.

High ranks contain some of the worst people in the community, ultra toxic and bullying the lower ranks who look up to them. Arrogant and decedant. Annoying. Toxic. Except for a few that are extremely rare.

So what’s your opinion? Tell me done below pls

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I hate both Navy and Syndicate

When I first joined the Navy I thought It’d be the same experience I would’ve had when I joined the AG in Reborn (cooperation and a sense of brotherhood, and a lot of wars with a side of toxicity)

But it really bore me because it’s a dull version of what I expected, and plus It’s really hard to cope the fact that I get no custom drip, main reason I quit was just that, no drip, highest I’ve reached was Commander, then I left.

The Navy is just really dull imo, maybe cause Im AUS but there is no action 99% of the time

GLORY to THE GRAND NAVY :speaking_head::100::shield::saluting_face:

Generally I don’t really think about the navy too much, but there was a very nice vice admiral who invited me to pvp and wasn’t mean to me or to any other lower rank navy players who were there.

My dude, this is literally just most military structures. Like, unironically, this is how it works. The thing is, anyone who dedicates their lives to warfare cannot be expected to hold any decency—their literal job is to dehumanize their enemy, those that work under them, and innocent civilians.

Fodder faction

its bad but the AG was way worse.

military structures are stupid and they randomly ram my ship.
I don’t like the gravy

Adkins solos

Join the Order of Aesir instead, like me!

Adkins is the only truly good member of the navy. He saved 50 billion castaways to reach that level.
Every time you see a castaway despawn it is because he rescued them.

I hate both Navy and Syndicate

The innocent civilians one sounds like a warcrime but aight :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :man_standing:

Hey, remember that time when Edward mentioned he was given an order to reduce an innocent town to rubble?:innocent:


Ngl, both the Navy AND the Syndicate are lawful evil groups, no doubt about it.

I’d even argue the Navy is in some ways worse than the syndicate, since the syndicate at least probably hosts many outcasts who had nowhere else to go, while the navy corrupts and breaks good people.

I’d actually disagree on that. The higher-ups are definitely beyond corrupt, but at least those lower on the navy ladder are decent. Unlike the Assassin Syndicate where everyone’s just a blatant psychopath.

fair I guess

Same can be said for the people who have syndicate files :skull:

Navy members are just dumb in the lower ranks

I show no mercy to assassins but occasionally I find the goofy 5th gen navy who I like talking to because they have NO idea what they’re doing :sob:

Divonchi spitting out fire