Opinions of my build


i havent followed any guide, im just curious if these stats are anything good in comparison to builds that are seen as a meta

edit note*
no gems

Seems nice, but it can be better, please do not invest in intensity as a stat, it is not worth it, also due to the new balance updates, low invest in a side sat is barely gonna grant you any buffs, you should also get exotic gems and enchants if you can.

I’d advise against having a stat with fewer than 30 points in it, as doing so grants virtually no benefits. Also, intensity is garbage and shouldn’t be used unless you wanna pull some Wind KB trolling.

Pretty decent build, I like the high power number, consider making one of the substats higher, I would try to get at least 100 attack speed or agility and you can afford to give up around 100 defense or 20 power so this build is pretty flexible for customizing