Opinions on 4th of July Limiteds

So for 4th of July we get to have plastic sunglasses and a generic American patriotic cap. Just want to know what yall think of this addition, I just think its quite funny to be honest. If we took a moment to consider this actual lore, then that would mean that there is a powerful being capable of traveling through space and time who is able to bring and provide tailors with the strange and ultra-rare material that is known as “plastic.” I wonder if any tailor looks at the back of the glasses and saw the words “Made in China” thinking China is this strange far-off land where people have access to such luxuries such as vibrant dyes and this weird non-heavy glass.


they look fucking awful, i have the ability to get them but i’m not even going to because they look that bad, plus they just fucking shatter immersion for me

good from business standpoint. Otherwise I don’t really care what cosmetics vetex adds. but I am somewhat of a collector so it is something to keep me busy, but on the other side would make me regret if I didn’t collect it

i mean, its hats and glasses, its cool but i wonder if theres a cutlure related to america

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Unfortunately, it is confirmed that we are not getting any guns in WoM

theyre the first seasonals emma, i suggest you grab em.

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grab as many as you can, considering how valuable seasonals will get in the future
you never know, there could be someone collecting them later on who’d overpay for the stars and stripes


I bought 3 sunglasses. No more.

I feel like they’re coming back next 4th of July, I advise selling them around next may before people realize this

they look fucking horrendous but it’s a fun little thing to collect. Got 2 pairs. One for myself and one to sell.

you SURE they aren’t cool looking?

I look like the cool uncle who always gets that one nerf gun your parents STRONGLY didn’t want you having.

Pretty sure this is a one time sale, in the item description it says that its value will increase over time. That feature wouldn’t exist unless it truly is limited, next 4th of July will either have new limiteds or none at all. Even if you don’t like the look of it, its a great thing to invest in since its crown value is just going to passively grow and generate more and more. Basically, its s t o n k s.

can you at least acknowledge I look cool?

That guy on the left and in the bottom pic looks like he could make great burgers, but would also drive people away with their political discussion. Also they own a pickup truck.

i will plunge all of wom into political strife with my american item merch once the event ends

Aw, what? There are limited time items? How long will they be staying for? I won’t be able to get on for a few days…

until fishing update comes out… probably between 15-20th july. could be longer.

I can hook you up with a pair of them if you want to

That’d be nice, thanks. Might take a bit, though.