Opinions on Invis Guilds

For those they don’t know, an invisible guild is just a guild that doesn’t have a logo. Anyways, I was speaking to some people and they said that invis guilds should be a bannable offense. Any thoughts?

uh well
them dont have a logo

I don’t rlly see a reason why it should be a bannable offense. I mean sure it’s annoying, but it isnt game breaking or anything.

Exactly what I said.

Then we agree :nod:

Waaa waaaaaaaaaa me want to farm infamy!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

I think it’s just cowardly unless you’re a solo guild.

Well that’s the thing, most of these guilds are bank guilds

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True but a few days ago I ran into these two players who ganked me with the fire+ash synergy, refused to 1v1, and spammed “Ez” after they beat me while being in an invis guild. They weren’t even good. I was bewildered that people could be so mean. invis wack !!21

waikt htart tbe fuck?? guilds are tinvisible now?? oh man oh man i dont wanna get fganked by sopme invisible guild members noooo i cant see them


Honestly yeah tbh. All that needs to be done is just say that they need to get a logo of any kind to create a guild.

I can’t see that being especially game breaking. The only thing that does is that you won’t expect it when someone attacks you randomly for infamy while not having a guild logo above their head, but you should be ready anyway if you are in a guild yourself. Other than that, it helps to not be killed on sight for free infamy, which isn’t that much of a problem imo.

Now if you could hide your logo whenever you want and make a big guild out of that, it would be definitely a problem. However, all of those guilds are currently extremely small because they are mostly used as a bank or a solo guild. Nobody would join an invisible guild unless it’s lead by friends.

Hey are you a Jumbo alt?

Honestly, it’s offensive that you think he would be one of my alts. Donk-esque alts are now outdated in the year 2021

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I don’t really mind them it just gets annoying when people bring like 3+ of them to wars to drain you with -5 I mean that’s all they’re really used for unless you’re just trying to hide your bank, I just don’t understand the logic of it like if you’re able to gain infamy on an invisible guild that you’re not even gonna use or care about why not just gain for a real guild where it matters

I honestly don’t really care unless they’re gonna gank me in like a 4 on 1

I agree with that, I see some people use invis guilds as a method of hiding from big guilds to prevent getting farmed but most invis guilds just exist to farm infamy off of you while not being farmed themselves

just scan the leaderboard for invisible guilds just like how you would check stats of a guild, its not hard. i even managed to gank an invisble guild member once

Invisible guilds are bullshit and should be deleted

Yeah. And can be fixed with one simple mechanic.