Oracle and Vitality this update

does Oracle release because there is a spirit weapon? also i think vit hybrids are changing but how?

yes but it’s called oracle now, and hybrids are having their awakenings changed to imbues

sorry forgot it is named oracle now.

you edited the title but not the msg :hungry:

does it upset you? if so imma leave it like that


From what I recall, they will be losing their original awakening in favor of spirit imbuement. Otherwise they remain largely unchanged

no I was just hungry


theres very likely going to be more than one spirit weapon, i dont think vetex would release an entire class and only give them two moves to work with

They’ll be getting their Awakenings replaced with imbuing Spirit Energy onto whatever else they use, and I believe the other way around on Paladins applies too. They’ll be getting their second Magic/Fighting Style or Weapon Aura back on the second Awakening, sort of like the other Imbue awakenings.

honestly i have a paladin file and thats not bad news to me