**oracle set doesnt provide hp**

I don’t have permission to post in bugs, but this is really bad.

Im a paladin that was using the oracle set, though I heard the regen stat is bugged. Turns out that oracle items don’t increase your health, even though it says your defense stat goes up. This goes for the armor set and the amulet. I guess I could use sorcerers until this is patched but having a full set of items witch 2 broken stats is really bad

yeah regen-defense armors are currently fucked, along with regen-(other stat) on anything else (I think the other stat on regen-(other stat) is fucked, unsure though)

It seems like at least the power from Oracle Robes work?? But none of the defense does

Regulare Vitality Build L

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yuo’re mom

wait is this why my 80 power, most of which comes from the oracle set, doesnt do anything??

i dont think they do i have like 80 power and only +6 dmg, probably because some one item other than the oracle set

now that i think about it i should be doing way more damage with the amount of power I have, so yeah I guess its complely worthless

I tried the oracle armour set, and only the armour legs seem to offer the defence bonus they are supposed to have. Everything else doesn’t appear to do this (wasn’t able to confirm if secondary stats do this too, may update when I know more.)

o yea i think i remember the leggings working but im not sure

vitality cant have shit

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Ong, but I think I’ve found a pretty good build for myself. It performs better than my conjurer and almost as good as my mage