Order Escapees

Do you think there was somebody else who escaped with the ‘Player’ that wasn’t mentioned?

If there is, I hope they will be a part of the player’s team

Just wanna ask, why is this introducing yourself? Shouldn’t it be just normal game discussion with question and lore tag?

no its probably just morden, tucker, and the mc, morden wouldve mentioned someone else

Oops, my bad. I did not notice that and just posted it directly. LOL

depending on how they managed to escape, its possible that someone might have gotten out as well

he said ‘with the player’


I mean not literally ‘with’.

cuz, i think at the very start there is a rowboat behind the player, where you press the wake button

That’s Morden’s boat…

You’re meant to take that as the hint that someone else is there on the island with you

Yes, and

Golly gee, holy cow, I never would of thought of that

I thought it was tuckers boat

Bro did not think abt how morden and tucker ended up on the island