Ordinary day in online school


Can’t be an online lesson without the femboy anyway

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Also, this guy was like a super sheltered kid last year. He didn’t even swear lol.

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ayo i don’t swear either.

Im sure that changed fast

i would be embarrassed to show any interest in anything to my classmates, so props to that guy

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This post made me want to drink a monster energy drink!

why do i keep seeing that 12 year old anime girl
i dont know who they are
why do they exist
why is everybody obsessed with them

Sadly can not relate to this meme. Never really had online school. Had to deal with the femboys irl instead. Shame really.

my man are you ok
i genuinely wish for your mental wellbeing after experiencing with them irl

Fr though

The femboys ive actually met are chill. great people

Oh lit.

so far my experiences with them have been literally the worse thing ever
like smh they are so horny its unbelievable AND they make the worse jokes ever that are just unfunny

There are two types of femboys;

  • the actual chill ones, who just like the look and style of typical womens clothing
  • the horny ones which nobody likes at all
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oooh i see
ive only met the horny af ones then
i guess i would like to meet one of the nice ones but i would probably be really bad/annoying to them

yo the pink hiared girl in the 2nd to last panel looks cute as fuck

LMAO get trapped
It’s a guy.


they still cute