Our policy regarding alternate accounts

From now on, alternate accounts will be considered against the rules and will be subject to deletion.

This means that if you are found in possession of any alternate accounts, they will be deleted.

What has changed in terms of punishments?

If you make alternate accounts, they will be deleted.
If you keep making alternate accounts, a punishment will be issued and the accounts will be deleted and so on.

Any attempts to evade permanent suspensions with alternate accounts will be considered grave offences and if found out, an in-game warning will be issued from a staffer possessing the Game Moderator role or above.
If a warned user breaches the warning, they will be permanently banned in-game.


Q: I have an alternate account, what do I do?
A: Contact a moderator, show them evidence that you own the alternate account and it will be deleted.

Q: I have multiple alternate accounts but I want to make one of them my main account, what do I do?
A: Contact a moderator, show them evidence that you own the alternate accounts and then choose between one of them; the rest will be deleted.

Q: I have found someone who is using an alternate account, what do I do?
A: Contact a moderator with evidence, the following matters regarding the alternate account will be managed by the moderation team.


Welp looks like someone has been found, and the last straw was broken.


Rb1, The King of Clones

:fr: :fr:

Wait, rb1 made another alt? :sleeper:

Welp, it’s official, rb1 has offically won, and him and his alts are partying in heaven


Maybe this is just a guy posing as Rb1 idk

Vetex should give him the Lazarus Curse lmao

Rb1 is so cool both when he was on the forum and ingame, I don’t know why he would spite the mods and push his luck like this after being told so many times not to…

man. also can I have a few days to list all of my alt accounts

Just to clear things up a bit, there haven’t been any new Rb1 alts. This isn’t just about him, it’s about alts in general.

As for the Robo1 account, just ignore it, it will go away.

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Phew, rb1 isn’t stupid

this rule would have never been come up if rb1 didn’t try to bypass with his 499399 alts. he’s the only one who got banned that keeps bypassing. Istg no banned user including fat fishe all those people who got banned never bypassed. sure they did it but they got bored and moved on but rb1 keeps making alts and doesn’t lurk the forum without an account like a normal banned person.

Oh. I guess the alt accounts were ramping up to the point of insanity.

Maybe, but there were definitely others who used alts to ban evade, NEKO comes to mind as someone who also had many, and I know a few more people had a couple. Rb1 was the most persistent one though.
It’s all of them together really. If it weren’t for Rb1 as the centerpiece, but also if it were only him as an isolated case I could see how things could be different.

rb1 on his lofty perch in the heavens, laughing at the mods with clairvoyant triumph alongside the rest of the banished forumers


how hard can it be to either: not get caught, or accept the ban

Well goodbye RayhanAlt1, RayhanAlt2, and RayhanAlt3.
I didn’t even get to log in to those accounts, they were only created lmao.