Out of all the currently non-fightable npcs, who do you think would be the hardest to defeat in a fight?

tbh i think he might be a conjurer
would be a shame for a prince of a kingdom full of mages to be just a wep user

nah nah listen the mages made with there power the blade of winterveil and only the prince can remove it from its stone (cap)


wait where did it say that Winterveil was full of mages? did i miss something

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I think the NPC you talk to in the Eternal Mines said it had great mages

neviro l

that doesnt mean it was full of mages, tho? just some that are… were very good, which is something that any kingdom could have tbh

ah my bad then

imagine if we as the player become evil and have to fight ruby roger in front of mimhere island
he’s easy for like the first 25% hp and then he activates his 2nd phase and he does kamusari on us and kills us instantly
and if you live for long enough and get him to 50% hp he activates gear 5th


nooo I don’t wanna be evil

also I am really hoping ruby roger gets a curse or something and helps us save the world from the final bbeg along with iris and morden and edward

ruby roger does kamusari on the bbeg and deals the final blow

souvella, how am i g onna fight her with one hand

the ocean

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1- Julian one-shot us and bc he’s a curse user u can’t damage him unless u have a magic based build.
2- The results of the battle were never announced I believe.
3- Morden had his curse for atleast a month.

actually, post awakening all builds can theoretically harm him.

No it was pretty obvious morden won since if he didn’t he wouldn’t be with us at the end of the arc


that literally is a few weeks.

while julian had his curse for much much longer

Warren would be the hardest by far. General Julian is the only character canonically able to beat the player, but at the same time, he got defeated by some kid who only had his Curse for a few weeks.

Wait really? Could u please explain?

I mean for all we know the battle could’ve been a draw and Julian decided to save his life by escaping instead of dying to Morden or killing Morden but dying in the process (that’s why he escaped, not to die).

By few weeks I thought u meant like 2, mb.

Also ur most likely right abt the Julian part bc he could use his curse quite well when he beat us, but do we know how long he’s had it? (I’m genuinely curious abt the lore)

Ngl I’m not much of a loreteller but I think maybe someone like @Crimsonpants could answer these for you

about the awakening thing, all builds (including weapon and strength) ones, subconsciously use magic in their attacks, whether they know it or not.

I guess post awakening wise, it just makes that magic strong enough to attack curse users?

I’ve heard of stuff like that but I wasn’t sure if it was canon, plus idk if that means they’re attacks can still damage curse users or not bc maybe that magic is too weak to effectively damage a curse user

no it’s canon alright

if they use their post awakened attacks with strong enough aura (magic energy) imbued into them, a curse user is gonna feel it.