Out of context things you said today

What are the most out of context things you’ve said today.
I’ll go first:

  1. Let’s be honest they were gonna beat me up after I turned myself into a toaster
  2. How to kill god
  3. The best way to introduce someone’s personailty is to have them murder a charcter
  4. THey become friends and then they meet the cult
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“I was going to kill you anyways,” - Alexander

“I’m going to flay that man alive!” - The Spectator

i just woke up so i haven’t said anything today

“look im more worried about the water rather than getting electrocuted to death today”
“I’m cute enough for this shit”
“it’s not like i will ever have physical contact with those people”
“i wanna join this but anxiety said no”
“what is this? being financially secure?”
“please i don’t want to die in the shower”


“Everyone here is a psychopath, and I’m becoming one of them”

“That rotten satanist”

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Such my ass

“the earth eats it”

“What do you mean I have to ask for permission?”

That’s all as I haven’t said much today as it’s early kinda


“cringe, trash, unbased, and bad”

“where’s meth”


says yesterday but it was within 24 hours so spare me

More stuff

  1. Wow I didn’t expect jesus
  2. I didn’t expect to hear super sonic racing with goku screaming over it as I was writing bulleying
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“wonder if we can use food as weapons like durian as a spiked club”


I mean look at this thing and tell me you couldn’t seriously fuck someone up with one


“And then he blows up with lightning and everyone in the school dies”

He attempts to strangle and pierce Riothamus with grapevines

Lemme guess, The grape juice god from Greece?

Yes it is said in my story hehehehe

taitc is into inflation confirmed/?!?1?!/11?!

After reading this thread, I realize that I don’t say enough interesting things in a day




they aint that good but i havent talked on discord a lot today so thats my excuse :fr: