Overthrow Vetex RP

This is a role play I plan on doing.
The main point would be for the characters that joined to go on a mission to overthrow the tyrannical Vetex. However, I need people to join.
If you are interested, please post your character info.

Battle Prowess: (list different fighting abilities or martial arts your character may have)

The RP itself will be a collection of boss battles similar to a D&D game with me as game master.
Outside of curses, all magic is available for use as I plan to make the bosses brokenly powerful.
Hope for this to be a fun event with people.
I will post more details later on.

we can’t, vetex is too powerful

What did vetex do to you

way too much

bro replied on a post 3 years later

I’m half tempted to ping Vetex and see if he’d respond to this, but I somehow feel that that may be a bad idea…

its against rules to ping vetex for any reason

Figured as much.