Overused guild icon?

what is this guild icon and why is it like the 6th time ive seen it being used

the most popular usage has to be from that tigerbaby guy


ye bruh you see that icon so much

Why is it used that much it isnt even that cool


it looks wierd too

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think its cuz dOg showed the icon id on his guild creation ui showcase so a bunch of speds like tigerbaby who dont have a logo and dont know how to make one or get the code just use it, here is the video: https://youtu.be/UXtuVDbd9y8

in the description polar says he just typed random numbers and got it, so he found it randomly and a bunch of people used it afterwards because they see the guild logo id and they want to create a guild and it doesnt let u create one without the id, thats just what i think anyways.


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