Paid Commissions Are Here!

The moment some of you have been waiting for. Since I just finished with my last set, I will be accepting paid commissions! However, unlike the last set of cmmissions, this might go slower as digital drawings are very time consuming. So please bear with me. Also, this time I will have 20 slots open! My goal if I do get filled is to have them done by before Christmas.

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Could you post some of art your art here for reference?

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The last one is the full digital drawing correct?

Idk of the reaction was enough, but yeah it is

are there any limitations on what can be requested (more than one character)

so if I in theory gave you like… 8 perfect gems of your choice, I’d get a full digital art?

Ill add this tto my pricing, each added character I have tp draw will be an additional 2k

No, I put in my will not accept list that I don’t accept any jewels

hmmm… will keep this in mind

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not even perfect crafted ones? alright…

well then cargo runs it is :sleeper:

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Yeah, sorry. I’ll take exotic gems, just not perfrct jewels since I already have perfect jewels (I like to craft them myself and it’s easier to trade them in bulk as gems rather than jewels)

Do I send you a PM for a commission, or do I put it here?
I’ve got an atlantean essence to pay for a pencil drawing.

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Either or is fine