Paladin Builds?

Any build links for paladin at all?

paladin sucks

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what magic are you using?

you suck

anyways, currently you should play paladin just like you would play a mage
so just use armour which boosts the main aspect of your magic (size based magics, use a bunch of size, speed based magics use more speed etc)
also don’t really worry much about power, since it barely does anything after the new vitality formula


you suck for insulting one of the 3 archons of the vitalibro association… ur on KOS kid… :angry:

I suck at PvP but I did an ash paladin as an PvE experiment and ended liking it since the ash clouds do not deal less damage regardless of your vitality or lack of items that give power so mine is a very tanky build with lots of defence and regeneration that focuses on creating a massive hazard zone, often covering an entire ship in ash clouds and then fighting inside them as the enemy slowly burns to death.

Paladin builds currently depend on the Magics. If you’re a Light/Crystal Paladin, I’d invest in Attack Speed first and foremost.

i totally don’t have a light/crystal paladin

Im not sure what best magics to play paladin. Im guessing something like metal/magma?

Really depends on what you’re going for. Synergy-wise, Metal/Magma is pretty good and both are large.

Synergies already matter a lot, but they matter more for Paladin (at least until Spirit Weapons release) because they only get Blast, Explosion, and Leap spells on their second Magic.

you have NEVER fought a good paladin like it’s literally hell their aura with resistance is pretty much a heal for them and they usually have 2,300 hp and a ton of regeneration doesn’t matter the synergy you can be annoying with ANYTHING as a paladin

yeah but I prob got ganked by one

this is my build on earth/light paladin, i’m not good at pvp though.

someone with the same build responded and said their build has around 100 power, 500 defense, 100 attack speed, and 200 size. That one’s probably better but I like being able to teleport and run from people better than me so I got the agility build. Of course it can’t outrun someone who also has agility and a decent aim but it’s funny

Never used vitality but I imagine it going well with any heavy magics as you’'ll be up close and super personal

Yes, until you fight an air staller mage. But other than that it’s pretty good up close.