Panda's Marketplace [Selling/Buying/Trading]

Hey if you are interested in making a deal, DM Panda?#0695 on discord!

  • Sometimes I will be able to take crowns other times only smokes so please check with me on discord before we make the deal.

  • I am flexible and able to take deals using both crowns (at times), smokes and other items.

  • Prices are negotiable
    IGN: Pandamonium_XP [Akira Gates]

Discord: Panda?#0695

Dull Amulets

  • Bursting Destruction Amulet [Lvl.60]
  • Strong Destruction Amulet [Lvl.60]
  • Destructive Destruction Amulet [Lvl.60]
  • Defense Amulet (CLEAN) [Lvl.50]
  • Defense Amulet (CLEAN) [Lvl.60]
  • Agility Amulet (CLEAN) [Lvl.60]
  • Power Amulet (CLEAN) [Lvl.50] x2
  • Power Amulet (CLEAN) [Lvl.120]

Poor Amulets

  • Hard Power Amulet [Lvl.10]
  • Destructive Power Amulet [Lvl.1]
  • Destruction Amulet (CLEAN) [Lvl.20]
  • Defense Amulet (CLEAN) [Lvl.10]
  • Power Amulet (CLEAN) [Lvl.10]


  • Purple Wizard Robes (CLEAN) [Lvl.50]

*Notable Vanity Items (Items in high demand)

  • White Valk
  • White Hood
  • Black Cape
  • Orange and Green Valks
  • Teal, Purple, Magenta, and Lime Hoods
  • Green, Purple Cape
    I also have various other less in demand vanity items


  • Strong Castlian Sword

Im kinda posting this to bump this back up and also to test if this works in the discord

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