Parallel Lua in Arcane Odyssey?

So roblox officially released this

Or is in the process of releasing it… It basically allows for roblox developers (mainly ones that script games) to easily optimize their games if it has large amounts of assets needing to be loaded in a short period of time. (aka we could have a “non-laggy” roblox)

I was thinking since arcane odyssey isn’t expected until late 2022 or early 2023, maybe parallel lua would be a thing in the game which would make gameplay 1000x smoother. (Hey, we could even have many humanoid npcs with sleep/wake cycles again).

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My mind immediately thought of the filteringenabled incident while reading this part


It seems like Vetex has already gotten a good amount of progress on the optimization, but who knows, maybe if he wants to add this then it could be even smoother


haha :rofl:

interesting, now i want try it out for myself.
Maybe i can try to reproduce wom’s npc style and check if its a bit better with this new update.
Im a realy lazy person so i can’t guarantee i will do it,but if i do ill make a post

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im gonna pretend like i know what this does and is



This would immensely help optimize the game way better since Parallel Lua is basically multi-threading.
It would be a beneficial use for computations on multiple things like AI’s, math stuff, etc. So yes, Vetex can make complex ai’s again since Parallel Lua makes it way more efficient now. Though, Parallel Lua is still very limited since there’s tons of stuff that are unsafe. So it may be best to wait for it to get better with updates but it’s still useful to use.

If you want to read more about Parallel Lua then go towards these links.

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