Parries in pvp games

what do you all think about parries in pvp games, should they be a feature in most pvp games? how powerful should they be? are they fair to both players? I wanna know your thoughts.

I don’t really mind them, but I would prefer if there was some sort of timer in order for you to parry again

Unfair af, I have to play at 600ms 30fps, I have to predict 3 seconds before the mf attacks so I can parry

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Depends on how they are executed tbh

Usually I don’t like parries in games. I do like blocking though. The difference is parries usually have strict timing requirements and can’t be spammed

Parries usually have strict timing requirements and can’t be spammed

Try pvp in Lore Game, parrying has a cool down and is incredibly hard to pull off consistently without actively trying to predict/bait out an attack and also have the reflexes to back it up, but it is incredibly rewarding should you succeed

Well there are games where parrying stuns the player
and games that let you keep pushing the attack.

In some games, parrying has a long cooldown, and I don’t like that cause you might not know when your parry is ready again. Blocking is simpler cause you can usually always do it if you meet energy requirements

IMO chiv 2 has the best parrying and blocking, something like that would be ideal