Part 2 of trying to finish my armor build ( i would like some help getting blasted arcsphere )

this is a branch post of my I need a plan for my armor build and fishingpost since this is a bigger sub question

So ive spent a really long time trying to get a blasted arcsphere and most of the time it ended up with me clearing an alt save because a bug says it discovered an island its never been to or accidentally discovering a new island.

The last time I found an akursius chart, I dug in every single part of the area it told me too and even a little in other parts but got nothing so i concluded that it was bugged.

Its also difficult for me to get akursius charts on my alt since i have to open tons of chests just to get a chart. I could give my alt a luck potion but it needs to have three hours.

Then theres players getting it in like 10 minutes. Does anyone know how to do this?

want help?

or are you just asking how

h o w :sob:

I can give you an alt acc with only akursius discovered and I’ll get 3 hours on it

skill issue

I haven’t done it b4 but my strat idea was use the northern jaws secret for chests

and dig it up on your other acc with goldsight and once you find it you use the other enchant I forgot what it’s called

krill issue
@opticalcord sure i really need an alt

krill fishue

Im pretty sure once you dig it up with gold-sight, the treasure will stay on that specific shovel so you might as well find it with fortune or wealth whatever it was called

I mean find it with goldsight and dig them up with the other enchant

ok will u pay me lol

Pretty sure if you dig it up first with the goldsight the stats will say on the treasure your digging and switching to the fortune enchantment won’t change anything so you might as well attempt to dig it up with that specific shovel


Red wake itself has ~ 20 / 30 chests itself so it’d be a good start to just circle around the town.
There’s 3 underwater in the center,
3 underwater the bridge
7 in the ice storages
3 by the docks where you arrive
2 by the alchemy pot
3 on the board walks
Then a lot more singular ones that are scatter here and there.

yup, the better strategy would be to dig first with fortune, then mark it with goldsight

that way if u find it itll be with fortune


ur telling me that I bought 2 enchantments for no reason???

Their still usable, just for different purposes