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Location unknown, Seventh Sea

Durza is still seething, and with good reason. His attack on John Thorne, meant to, at the very least, weaken Thorne, had almost killed Durza himself.

Ugh…fine. If I can’t attack the inhabited Seas quite yet… I’ll just make sure they have no place to go after all this is over. Devil Dog, Rupin, Marua, Fay: Destroy the abandoned Seas!

Various locations

Eruptions of Magma Magic destroy the First Sea and fill it with massive chunks of obsidian. In the center of the Sea, a figure in Savarian armor stands, holding a spear glowing with Phoenix-flame.

A throbbing pillar of fire erupts from the center of the Second Sea. Shockwaves destroy all land and turn much water to steam. In the center of the pillar, a figure laughs.

A wave of darkness shoots out from a figure holding a shadowy staff, engulfing the Third Sea. Islands crack into pieces and fall away into the deep sea.

A figure erupts in malevolent blood-red energy. Entire islands crumble away into dust in the face of the Death Magic.

A.G. Headquarters

The protectors had just received word that the other seas had been wiped off the map by Durza’s undead.

“So…our two options in a nutshell are for the evacuees to permanently stay in the Fifth and Sixth Seas, or to construct artificial islands like you’ve done here, because there are no islands anywhere else? Other than the Seventh Sea.” Averill said. “Did I get that right?”

“Yes, that’s correct.” Samuel, the Fleet Admiral, told him.

Freedrock grimaced. “I should have known that the moment we leave anywhere undefended, Durza will wipe it out just to inconvenience us. And if we do defend a place, we stretch our resources out.”

“Well, it’s too late to do anything now, isn’t it? Just know that Durza still has powerful Undead, and that we have to keep our guard up.” Valencia said.

They left the meeting to go back to their respective Seas.

Breaking Point

Aaron grew even more determined in his training than before, after the wendigo visiting him in his nightmares.

And one day, after much training…

The wendigo appeared again.

Durza is starting his final push. You know how to get back. You simply must figure out what knowledge it is that will save you!

As he awakened, panicked, he desperately tried to figure out what knowledge the creature meant.

Hmm…okay. How did I get here?

By Argestes using his Gravity Magic—

Argestes, the Master of Winds!

Gravity Magic is a mutation of Wind Magic!

…which is my Third Mind, which has never been mutated by anyone.

But I can’t give up. There’s always a first time for everything. I have Inferno Magic—surely Gravity Magic can’t be hard?

My best…my very best…

He envisioned his Wind Magic changing, from manipulating the air to manipulating the fabric of the universe.

He screamed a sharp, endless scream as his soul was torn apart by the stress of trying to mutate his Third Mind.

In the hall, footsteps came running.

No…it can’t end…not like this!

I have to get back! Take me then, Hades, but not now!

The door slammed open, and Asgore, holding his trident, ran in.

He saw Aaron on the floor, writhing from pain and exertion. “Aaron! Are you okay?”

I can’t leave everyone…I came here so I’d be safe…I can’t just die! And I can’t leave everyone else to die, either!

His scream changed, from a pained shriek to a determined shout.

Within him, his soul stopped cracking.

And it had lost its tinges of white and taken on tinges of purple.

Darkness Risen

“He’s coming!”

Two words broadcasted to the protectors’ radios in the dead of night, two words no one wanted to hear.

They scrambled to change into battle armor and ran out into the night.

“Where? Where is he going to attack?” Averill yelled.

“He’s entering the Fifth Sea. Everyone, mobilize towards the Headquarters at once!” Valencia responded.

It was a sleepy group of fighters that gathered at headquarters a few minutes later, waiting for Durza to arrive.

But they could not have been prepared for what they saw.

A vast army of Undead, led by the most powerful wizards in the world. Morock Creed; Rupin Lochester; Theos; Rebecca Fritz; Devil Dog; Sage; Theos’ apprentice Juniper; Prometheus; the doomed Golden Armada’s admirals, Cursebeard’s army; and so many others.

Angel let out a cry when she saw Juniper, her best friend, who she had been forced to abandon at Stormwall when it had become obvious they had lost—Theos dead, Juniper and Angel badly wounded; and the father she’d never met, now completely revived.

Councilman Fritz reacted likewise at the sight of his daughter, Rebecca, killed by Durza months earlier.

As did Valencia at the sight of Sage, for even if one was the head of the A.G. and the other was a pirate, they were still family.

And most of the officers, as well as Angel, either recognized or had heard of the Golden Armada’s admirals.

They all grimaced, recognizing how Durza was playing with them. They were being forced to fight people close to them, their comrades, subordinates, superiors.

But they would do it. Oh yes, for the sake of everyone else, they would fight until their death. They only hoped that they could take Durza with them.

A Boy’s Determination

Aaron jerked awake. A fuzzy figure hovered over him, hands glowing. He tried moving and discovered that he was hooked up to a number of wires.

“My child…you’re awake!” The figure, who he now recognized as Toriel, sounded quite relieved.

“Ugh…” He tried to summon a magic circle. A blue circle pulsed for a moment before shrinking back into his hand. “Where am I?”

“Gaster’s lab. He’s trying his best to keep you alive. Stay in bed for a while. But, tell me…what happened?”

He grimaced. Toriel telling him to stay in bed was not what he needed at that moment. “Well…I have a way to get back home now. I think.”

“Don’t even think about going back—”

“I have to. Durza is attacking! They’ll die unless I can get back!” he cried.

“You won’t be any help if you go now, my child.”

“But you will be. You and the rest of the monsters here.”

Toriel shook her head. “No, we won’t be. We’re not going until you’re ready.”

Aaron got out of bed, tearing the wires off. “Fine then. I’ll go alone. Let’s see how that turns out.”

He stormed out of the room, astonished at the lengths Toriel was going to in order to keep him in the Underground.

Darkness Risen (cont.)

A flurry of magic, bullets, and arrows shot towards the defenders, who countered with their own attacks.

Bursts of magic from Morock and Prometheus were knocking defenders down like flies, even though Freedrock and Angel were trying their best to counter the blasts.

Valencia shot flurries of shockwaves at the Golden Armada’s admirals.

Juniper unleashed a flurry of Equinox Magic—what she couldn’t do herself, Durza had done for her. Angel’s eyes widened as she watched it clash with Averill’s Light Curse, and she realized just how strong Durza had made his forces.

Durza himself was locked in combat with John Thorne, but this time the sea all around was frozen to the very seafloor thanks to Durza’s Ice Curse.

Devil Dog, Theos’ other apprentice, was summoning pillars of magma, though he had nothing on Trigno’s Magma Curse. The real danger from him was the Phoenix-flame spear that was felling many an Arcane Government soldier.

Rupin clashed with Trigno, enemies even in undeath. Trigno was being pushed back, Rupin’s Curse enhanced by Durza.

Rebecca was slowly being defeated by Arsen, though she held her own despite having only Augmented Magic, such was the power of her Blacksite’s technology.

Roran fought his old chief, corrupt once again, as shadowy staff clashed against shadowy sword.

Sage blasted bolt after bolt at Jace, who spun his staff, deflecting them back at the attackers, as he slowly advanced.

Theos’ wings beat relentlessly at Arus, Amon, and Malcolm, and Phoenix-flame swirled around the four.

Outnumbered, but still determined, the defenders fought for their lives and the lives of everyone else in their world.

A Boy’s Determination (cont.)

Aaron grimaced. Without the monsters’ forces, there was nothing he could do—alone, he’d just be a burden.

Someone knocked on the door. “Can I come in?”

Asgore’s voice.

Aaron sighed. “What do you want?”

“Just to ask a few questions.”

“… … …Come in.”

The door opened.

“So…what are the questions?” Aaron said.

“When you came down here. Sans tells me that you were out for a day and a half, right?”


“And that was just with being teleported by someone else. Now imagine if you had to do the teleportation .

“…You just came in to convince me that I should wait, didn’t you.”

“Well, yes.”

Aaron could see that Asgore had a point—he might not make it. And the wendigo had only said that Durza was starting his final push—not that everyone was in imminent danger.

“Alright, fine. I’ll wait. One day. But that’s it—after that, I’m going, with or without your army.”

“We’ll be with you!” Asgore assured him.


“Now…rest. You’ll need all of your energy.”

With that, Asgore left and Aaron collapsed onto the bed.

Darkness Risen (cont.)

Many of the fighters on both sides had fallen, and the living ones had become Undead, who also fell soon after.

The battlefield was splattered with blood, but eerily enough, not a single body was to be seen anywhere—Undead disintegrate when they die.

Soon Durza’s Undead had been thinned, though the defenders’ ranks had also been noticeably thinned.

The Admirals and Fleet Admiral, including Aaron’s parents, were still alive, though they were focused on protecting the civilian areas just in case Durza attacked them.

Soon enough, the only people remaining were the powerful wizards.

And even they would be defeated soon unless they could deal with Morock and Prometheus, the main threats while Durza’s attention was being taken by Thorne, who was weakening.

Freedrock glanced around, looking to free up some of the others. He shot a beam at Morock and summoned a web of light that shot at Theos, creating a jagged line in the ground. One more and Theos disintegrated into powder that floated away on the wind.

“Help the others!” he shouted.

Amon and Malcolm, Arus having been killed by Theos, ran at Marua, who’d killed Roran; and Devil Dog.

Freedrock sent yet another web at Rupin, weakening him. He quickly switched his attention to Prometheus, focusing his power into a ball that exploded in a burst of green light and wounded Prometheus.

Arsen finally defeated Rebecca and switched his attention to Rupin, who Trigno had the upper hand against thanks to Freedrock. Cloaking himself in ash, he flew at Rupin and shot a blast.

Amon had defeated Marua, and now turned on Devil Dog.

Valencia joined Freedrock in fighting Morock and Prometheus, having destroyed the undead Admirals.

Jace, slumped on the ground from a powerful lightning bolt from Sage, fell to her. Arsen, noticing, shot a barrage of ash at the two, felling them, while feeling a sense of regret for Jace’s death.

Arsen and Trigno defeated Rupin. Arsen joined Averill and Trigno joined Freedrock, Angel, and a now-wounded Valencia.

The two fighting Devil Dog also defeated their opponent and joined the fight against Juniper, who was soon defeated.

Now it was just Durza, Morock, and Prometheus left.

The tide was turning in the defenders’ favor—or so they thought.

A Boy’s Determination (cont.)

The next day, Aaron and the monsters who would be going with him—Asgore, Toriel, Undyne, Gaster, Sans, Papyrus, and, after much convincing, Chara and Asriel.

The only problem? Aaron had no idea how to use his Gravity Magic. He supposed he’d do it the same way he’d gotten it—sheer willpower.

He concentrated on his memories of his home, trying to go back to them and bring the monsters with him.


He tried a different strategy—trying to manipulate gravity to do it for him. After all, that was what Gravity Magic was about, wasn’t it?

A black hole appeared in the center of the room and began to grow larger.

“I hope you know what you’re doing, Aaron…” Asriel said nervously.

Aaron said nothing, too fixated on making sure that he didn’t lose control of the orb.

It engulfed the room, and everyone within it saw nothing.

Outside the Gates manor, a black hole grew steadily larger.

An unconscious group of monsters and two humans appeared.


A figure slammed into the ground next to Arsen—Thorne, bloodied and exhausted.

And another figure appeared.

You’ve seen this figure before. But whenever you’ve talked to it, given it information, it was in a different form. A glowing figure made of energy. Now, it seems, Durza has had to abandon it to be able to defeat Thorne…or is it for another reason?

Does he need power for something else?

A human figure. But warped, somehow, and a strong sense of evil radiated from it. Durza.

Thorne struggled to his feet.

“He—he’s so strong—now that he’s in his true form—” he managed.

“I’m going to try…to end this.”

He summoned every last bit of Void he had left in him, and held out his hands towards Durza.

A massive rift in space-time appeared, a true void, with Durza in the center.

It wasn’t enough.

A massive eruption of flame and electricity demolished the Void, and Thorne’s last bit of life with it.

Valencia cursed and yelled into her radio, “Admirals and Fleet Admiral! Come back to headquarters immediately, Thorne’s fallen, we need help!”

A fleet of sailboats began moving back towards their headquarters.

And that was what Asgore, the first to come back to consciousness, saw.

He woke up the others and pointed the ships out to Aaron, whose eyes widened.

“They’re heading to…the headquarters?”

And then he saw a blast of white flame erupt from the location in question.

“We’ve got to head there!”

Gaster, Sans, and Papyrus summoned some Gaster Blasters as a high-speed form of transportation that would allow them to get a lay of the land first.

Aaron realized something, and shouted to the three leaders, “Head for the ships instead! We’ll have more protection there—who knows what we’ll find at headquarters!”

They veered towards the ships. As they neared, Aaron could see that there were no lower-ranking soldiers—the lowest ranking uniform he caught sight of was that of a Rear-Admiral.

And then he saw his parents.

He gasped and leapt off his ride, deciding to try to use his Gravity Magic to get the rest of the way to the ship.

Halfway there, an Equinox beam slammed into him, knocking him down towards the sea.

He created a platform of obsidian to land on and realized that Fleet Admiral Samuel Marshall —and likely everyone else—had mistaken him for an enemy. And now Samuel was firing a barrage of Equinox orbs at him.

Grimacing, he countered with Inferno-flame, but he only managed to weaken the orbs.

He dodged with Gravity Magic and shot towards his parents’ ship, trying to keep everyone in sight.

He heard a shout from his parents as they realized he was heading towards them, but he didn’t know whether or not they’d realized who he was.

A ball of shadow from below told him they had not.

He lost control of his magic momentarily, plunging back towards the sea before regaining control.

Finally, he managed to land on the deck—and was met with a barrage of shadow and fire.

He crashed into the wall, and then heard a gasp.

His mother stepped towards him cautiously.

“Aaron? What are you—how did you get back here?”

The Fleet Admiral jumped onto the boat—and realized who he’d attacked.

He and Aaron’s father echoed Aaron’s mother’s words.

Aaron told them everything that had happened, ending with how he’d been told by the wendigo that Durza was beginning his final push and had managed to mutate his Wind Magic into Gravity Magic.

“You—what? All three of your Minds, mutated in weeks? And…mutating the Third Mind…no one’s ever done that! I’m so proud of you!” his mother cried.

“This is a nice family reunion…but we should get to headquarters. Valencia called us there for a reason. Oh, and are those—things—friends of yours?” Clark said.

He was pointing at the Gaster Blasters—from his viewpoint, he couldn’t see the monsters.

“Yeah, and—”

Argestes’ sailboat stopped next to theirs, and Argestes shouted, “Aaron! How did you get back? And how did you bring Asgore’s army with you?”

In reply, Aaron summoned a little area of lessened gravity and sent Argestes’ boat floating up into the air.

He raised an eyebrow, returned gravity to normal, and then spoke. “Impressive. But…Wind was your Third Mind, wasn’t it? How did you manage to mutate it?”

“No idea.”

Samuel interrupted, as another bright white fireball appeared near Headquarters. “We really should get going.”

They nodded. Argestes flew up to meet Asgore and inform them that they were moving.

The group headed towards the battlegrounds.

Valencia was desperately hoping that the Admirals would arrive soon. Saying that they were not doing well would have been an understatement.

Durza, upon seeing that only two of his Undead were left standing, had returned the full power of their curses to Morock and Prometheus and proceeded to simply stand back and watch.

Angel, Malcolm, and Arus had all fallen, become Undead, and killed shortly after.

Freedrock summoned a bolt of green light that slammed into Morock.

And then a bright blue beam shot from behind and hit Prometheus.

Footsteps pounded from behind, and her Admirals, magic circles at the ready, appeared at her side.

A shadow fell over the group. She glanced up, seeing what appeared to be a very, very, VERY low cloud—until figures jumped off.

One of them, she recognized—Aaron. The others, though…saying they were exotic would be putting it nicely.

Argestes shouted, “I’ll introduce you later! For now, fight, for God’s sake!”

Silas snickered. “God is in front of you, and I think he’s trying to kill us.”

A fireball shot towards them. Gaster quickly attempted to shield the group, and it weakened the fireball but not enough, and everyone was thrown back.

Sans summoned a swarm of Gaster Blasters that fired at Morock and Prometheus, and quickly followed by attempting telekinesis. Which did nothing, seeing how Undead are soulless.

The defenders sent a storm of attacks towards the two Undead, though it barely affected them.

They responded with two massive fireballs that slammed into the row of defenders.

Aaron’s father was one of the people who fell to their knees.

“Dad!” Aaron screamed.

He channeled his rage into a fireball, and a bright blue ball, matching the Promethean Fire in size, if not strength, shot towards Prometheus.

It exploded with all of Aaron’s rage, making Prometheus lose control of his fire, and he fell towards the ground.

Argestes used his Gravity Magic to push Prometheus down, holding him there long enough for Aaron to get a barrage of fire off.

But Morock shot a burst of flame at Argestes, who staggered and fell to the ground, burnt to death.

Sans, Papyrus, and Gaster summoned as many Gaster Blasters as they could, and the sky was filled with blue, red, and purple beams.

Morock and Prometheus staggered and, in unison, shot fireballs back towards the defenders, cracking the ground and killing many.

Asgore shot a beam of his own fire back at Morock.

And then Asriel and Chara stepped forwards, swords in hand.

They slashed at the gods, bursts of red and white exploding on contact, creating a cloud of smoke.

Two fireballs hit Asriel point-blank, knocking him onto the ground.

“Asriel!” Asgore, Toriel, Chara, and Aaron chorused.

The wendigo prophesied this would happen , Aaron realized. And…

“Chara!” he shouted. “You can save him! Remember, “you will become weaker, but you will save someone very close to you, and make them stronger,” that’s got to be talking about this! And Asriel’s prophecy—his death will be his greatest achievement, because you’ll revive him and make him stronger!”

Chara’s eyes widened. It seemed unlikely…but…she’d do it, for the sake of her best friend.

The others shielded her, sending all they had at the Undead.

Toriel proved to be a fearsome fighter, channeling her love and caring for Asriel, and her rage at the people who had dared harm him, into her fireball.

And Chara, behind the main lines, realized something.

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