Party Finder

Party Finder
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A party finder located in the menu, this would allow players to form parties, once a party is formed all players are teleported to the creator’s server.

Details/background on your proposal

When players open the party finder they are met with a ui similar to the one above

Party Creation and joining

Create Party: A party will be created with the reason specified. Options for the party could a specific boss fight or custom such as “need help with gankers”.

Discover Party: Instead of creating a party, the player will be placed into a party with the selected purpose. For example, If I select “Dark Sea” and hit the button I will be placed into a party with the purpose of “Dark Sea”.

Search All Parties: Opens a list of every party, players can search by purpose and choose to join a specific party.


A max of 4 players can be in each party.

Players can set “ready” or “not ready” (not ready by default). When all players in a party have readied up, they will teleport to the creator’s server. Each member is then automatically placed into an ingame party.

Reason to add/change

Multiplayer AO is one of the most enjoyable parts of the game but finding other players to experience it with is a difficult task. Introducing the party finder will solve this problem and allow for other multiplayer content to be introduced in the future.

In addition, A party finder will improve the new player experience. A group of players can team up to tackle a difficult boss.


Amazing idea. This would be an awesome way for non-clan people to group up for activities and not be food for clan gankers.

wow, i heard someone talking about something like this earlier today!

Nah, this seems really pointless if u ask me, if you really need help then it can’t be that hard to boot up discord and ask for help

Idk what purpose this would even serve besides making it slightly more convenient then just booting up discord, and for something that would save you like 10 seconds it seems awfully pointless to make in general

unnecessary now that the server list is a thing
i personally cant imagine using this to play with randoms when friends exist, but even then theres discord (i know, social interactions, scary)

people forgetting that roblox is legally a kids game.
and that people can play AO but be under 12. (meaning no discord)

arcane odyssey is 13+ anyways though

But even then, you gotta remember casuals exist who aren’t necessarily invested in vetcord

great for casuals who are clanless, or not very big into AO yet. y’all gotta think of the casuals on this one making an easier interface for them. (and of course good for the younger players who don’t use discord)

Seems like a great new avenue for gankers to gank players!!!

This would be a good way to find people to grind with

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