Passive Magic Energy Regen + Magic Energy bar

The first half of the suggestion is to passively gaining magic energy at 1% per second, which is still significantly worse than the ~25% per second magic energy gain of charging in AO(Might be a few % off, i’ve barely tested it). Also gaining 50% of magic energy back on kill would be nice for team fights.

Reasons to Add

It would help be able to chase people instead of having to charge every time you want to be able to use an attack on them. Also would promote more aggressive gameplay by not having to charge directly after a kill in the middle of multiple people’s attack coming towards you during a team fight/guild war which would just end up in traded deaths.

The second half of the suggestion is to have a slightly smaller magic energy bar on enemies(Only enemy players) that you can see below their health bar and the color of which depends on their first magic(Or just a vague color like paper’s whitish magic energy bar since it’s being removed).
This will also display a small magic energy under teammate’s hp bars while in a party.

Reasons to Add

This would allow more strategic gameplay since more information about the enemy is available and promotes control of magic energy usage since an enemy would know when you’re out of magic energy and they’ll most likely exploit that with something like a beam or blast knowing they can’t be punished if you’re not consistently being aware of your magic energy and makes it less of a throwaway stat people hardly factor.


Everyone would play too Passive

Playing passively won’t suddenly improve their chance of winning tenfold, they might watch your energy bar and regen the energy they need to attack passively but the energy regeneration is still fairly slow and blasts already take an extremely small amount of magic energy to begin with. Also an aggressive/mixed player would probably start adopting charging while still having enough energy to attack so they’re not open and completely out of magic energy to counter and should likely learn how to hit their shots because with the endlag of blasts rn, it’s very easy to play aggressively and block punishes.


Idk if this is even an argument since charging isn’t even canonical, people are suppose to charge by sleeping/resting, but I thought putting it here would help since lore/balancing always seem to be the first things mentioned.


The 1% per second could be further reduced or even ignored in the suggestion if it comes to be too op but I don’t think anything below .4% would even be helpful.
Seeing magic energy bars could also be ignored since it wasn’t the main part of it, the passive magic energy charging was but I don’t see how it would be insane to be able to see someone’s magic energy since it’s just slightly more information than seeing someone’s healthbar.
If anyone’s arguing about the 50% magic energy gain on kill then idk man, it’s not a huge advantage, it’s just saving 2 seconds that would’ve otherwise had a chance for you to just straight up die unable to charge magic energy.

I don’t like the idea of passive magic energy recharge. I don’t have any arguments against it, I just don’t really like it.

About the Magic energy bar, you already have a vague idea of the enemies mana from how many spells they’ve used. For example, if they use 3 spells, then fully recharge, then use 2 spells, you know they probably can use 1 more spell before having to recharge. A magic energy bar is not really necessary.

Not really, unless you want to count 23 blasts at level 90 with 25 blasts at level 100 just for a “rough” estimation of their magic energy. Also why I said it can be toggleable.
Note: You can also get a “rough” estimation of someone’s hp by how aggressive they are and how much attacks you’ve used along with the time gone by, so why do you think health bars are needed by your logic?

Don’t know why you’re against passive magic energy recharge though, seems to be better than moving while charging which defeats the purpose of charging.

Neither of these are “necessary” either, the purpose of suggestions are to (hopefully) make the game more fun

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Well HP regens. If passive mana regen was added, then I guess a mana bar could be useful. I just don’t like the idea of more UI that rapidly moves across your screen.

I think it is better if there is only 1 source of magic energy: charging. That is just my opinion, though.

I don’t like this one very much either.

Then you can disable that UI if you don’t like to see it, and it’s still gonna be smaller than the hp bar so it won’t be much.

If that’s your opinion that’s fine, I won’t try to convince you but that seems like a lazy thing to do.

Passive charging is a meh from me. In my opinion doesn’t really fit in but running is a serious issue. We shouldn’t make it impossible to run tho.

NPC’s dont need to charge so that is out of the question for them. It would be nice to see a small bar in the team menu tho like you stated. So a vote from me.

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I think this could work both in combat and lorewise since magic energy isn’t only gained through charging.

For taking magic energy on kill I think that would require retcons to the way magic works but it doesn’t seem like that is an impossibility.

Passive magic charging is so much better than moving while charging, it makes sense and has a single number to balance it with.

The energy bar is pretty useful, too. Wave magic is still planned to be a thing, and using it without clear knowledge of your opponents energy levels would feel like you aren’t doing anything and every shot would be a shot in the dark that maybe would be better if used with a more damaging magic, you would literally regret most situations where you use wave because maybe they were already out and you could’ve gotten more damage in.

As for the reasons against it, I don’t think they’re valid at all.

Balancing is easy, there is a single number to change.

Playstyles evolve all of the time, and should in a game with a vast arsenal of spells AO is supposed to be.
There is probably a theoretical counter to every strategy, and sticking exclusively to one playstyle is probably the stupidest, most counterable one.

As for lore, I’m pretty sure wizards can feel each other auras even from large distances in the case of powerful wizards.
A skilled wizard should learn to distinguish between a tired and burned out opponent and the same person at peak energy levels, like they would between a hurt and not so hurt one, which we see through healthbars.

And gaining hp after defeating an opponent is weird as well. It is a balance, gameplay only feature that could be considered QoL as well, no reason for there not to be a similar thing with magic energy.
The questions is only should it be an instant regen, or a temporary boost to you passive regen for an amount of time.

I was thinking instant because worst case scenario, you gained 2 seconds of charging instantly, best case scenario, you avoided certain death in a team fight without having to start running far away.


Yeah I just realised I didn’t even vote for this

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