Patch notes

Patch notes
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Extremely simple, easy to add. Add an ingame patch notes feature.

Could be anywhere on the main menu. When clicked would open the patch notes for the update, basically the devforum post but in the actual game.

Some players aren’t in vetcord so it would be very useful for them to know what got added last update. Editing it would be as simple as a single copy paste to a text file.


yeah, sure

Good idea.

Maybe there should be an anti-spoiler system for the patch notes, like bosses having headings/blur to them (that you can remove ofc).


Patch notes:
Added Patch Notes


Trello patch notes are already spoiler free in terms of story and bosses. It would prob just be copied from that

I completely agree!

Especially for the most casual players who don’t bother looking for the patch notes, don’t know where to look or might not even know there are patch notes in the first place.

would be really useful for not opening up the trello all the time and for new players and not involved in community or whatever


i dont see why not
maybe it could be mentioned in the agora?

Ingame Patchnotes seem reasonable, especially for those who aren’t on the forums, or in the discord. Also, for just doublechecking that you remembered something from them right, without needing to tab out of the game to check.

yes, thanks

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