Patreon Announcement

in all seriousness extremly glad this has finally been opened, I’ve been waiting for one of these for like ages now (epic leaks + i get to support) always found it strange that other devs never open a patreon or smth


can you believe it guys?

(turn down your fucking volume please forums are too loud for no reason)

I am poor, RIP me, no leaks for me

Same lmfao, they would murder me

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The best thing he put is apprently some news of the trailer, can’t wait for the actual AO trailer,
I really hope he doesn’t leak any Shadow visuals tho, otherwise I’ll have to rob a bank

pourquoi êtes-vous si obsédé par le fait d’être énervé?

Ca fait pas de sens ta phrase mdr

im bad at french lol

But what I was going to ask was why you’re so obsessed with shadow magic and being edgy.

Also added Patreon intergration on the forum too! If you signed up on the forum with your patreon email you should already have the rewards, if you have not I suggest going to ur profile settings and connect your Patreon account with your forum account ( note it could take 24 hours before you recieve your rewards )

Also suggest setting your secondary email to the patreon email too if they are different.




the mod orange, instantly recognizable

I could give them special colors but idk how that’d look on the forums

Neat. I haven’t connected my Patreon account, so I am guessing that my discord (I signed up with discord) connects to my email, which then connects to my new Patreon account, allowing me to receive it.

Also, nice there are now two shiny comments.

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If your discord email is your patreon email than yeah

Actually so your Patreon email and forum email HAVE to be the same to get the rewards. Connecting doesn’t matter as that only lets you login to forums with the patreon. So adding a secondary email on the forum to match ur patreon should fix it.

too bad im broke

W indeed

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W patreon

Why did you make t2 so much drippier than t3