Peacekeeper (my take)

juniper is definitely the more interesting idea, but it just makes more sense to me that the main character of arcane adventures would be this chill anime hero type

i tried to pick the magics and fighting style most iconic for aa
gravity isn’t very iconic but i figured it was okay because gravity magic is cool as hell

i like to think the peacekeeper mutated fire into phoenix out of respect for theos, since he’s the only true mentor figure he knew


relatable AF


Should been fire, fire, and fire!!!

thought about doing phoenix, flare, fire, but i figured fire wasnt the only iconic magic and having 3 of the same ilk of magic would get kinda stale in a fight

plus fire’s got no beams in aa! how’s he gonna get hitscan attacks on durza???

Makes sense because the dude literally just got revived after being dead for hundreds of years and is immediately thrust on a journey to kill the mf who shattered the surface :sob:

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wait a god damn minute

this peak

The peace keeper is definitely anime protagonist material with how op he is

Also is gravity a wind mutation?


Well that’s interesting

i love the eeepy tired fellas like this

He fits perfectly as the peacekeeper

see that’s what i was thinking!!

i’m not super big on the aa webcomic for a variety of reasons, but a big one is that the tone is completely different from the actual game, especially early on

(it also looks weird)

You know what

That’s just my AR file except Lightning is first and wind is last

Oh and lightning mutates to storm and he has magic fist

Anyways, cool art

same who up for a fishing sesh at dawns refuge

Bro spent too much time around Freedrock


Peacekeeper: Back in my day, I had to foght some dark wizard bitch ass until he focking retreated and my teacher died.

Back in my day I didn’t had any crew to maintain my god damn ship and deal with that black tentacle shit every seconds!

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