People's ao characters

I drew people’s ao characters, gonna post more later but here they are.


cross hatching looked weird on procreate so this exists now.

I either draw like this, on paper, or rarely fully coloured if I had enough time on my hands.

The cross hatching looks pretty nice, adds quite a lot honestly. Are you going to do this again or did you select a few people at random to draw?

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I am picking random people and yes I will do it again.

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Oh, sick.

I really like the hatching here if I never said that earlier.

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thank you.

amazing artsyle, i love it, i literally created an account here just to say i love it lol

Why would you draw darker colors on an even darker background? Just saying, it might be better for you to draw dark red on white backgrounds instead of grey/black.

the drawings might have been saved with a transparent background still there

HOLY- @sock it’s you- you are MULTIPLYING? HOW?

like this?

That’s perfect.