Perez Strahm, The Shadow Warlock of the Eight Seas!

Meet my first Arcane Odyssey OC!

He’s a British man who’s used to be a rear admiral of the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom in his world before he got suddenly transported into the War Seas when he was about to investigate the massive whirlpool that happened in the North Sea of Europe continent!

Upon being transported into the isolated island of the War Seas, Perez himself is absolutely flabbergasted and trying to find contact through his walkie-talkie to his headquarters, but it’s obsolete since there’s not even a signal for his walkie-talkie! Perez used all his knowledge about all the surviving skills he was taught by his mentors to live a life, and he managed to adapt to the environment well!

One day, at age 50, he managed to make his first rowboat and started sailing out of his island. While he was in the middle of the vast ocean, he and his rowboat got suddenly flung by the tail of a colossal White Eyes shark that woke up from its sleeping state. Due to the White Eyes’ massive flung, Perez was vastly flying across many islands and landed on the Akursius’ Keep, breaching the tower’s wall and colliding into the black cube before passing out.

Upon waking up, he feels the sudden bliss that ran through his entire head due to the head trauma he received. He used his available knowledge of surviving skills to adapt and live in the Akursius’ Keep. But while he’s living, he finds out that he is now able to conjure the pitch-black energy out of his hands. He started thinking that the black cube that he collided with before passing out was the source of his power, and then he started training himself for 25 years while living in the Keep at the same time.

At the age of 75, he was rescued by a group of merchant ships, sending him to the Ryujin Kingdom, where they avoided Ravenna at all costs!


Aw yeahman. Very cool old man :sunglasses:. It must’ve been an absolute pain to draw that armor tho :sob: (Oh dang, man got Isekaid into the war seas :rofl:)

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Him and his title!!!

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His fighting stance! (Normal mode)

His fighting stance! (Darkness Curse mode activated!)

Perez Strahm again, in his Darkness Curse mode!


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