Perfect blocking da big shark?

check it out


With the buff on blocking and the potential of better blocking items. I wonder if you could survive hits from the White Eyes by perfect blocking. I think this might be a valid way to raid boss the shark. What do y’all think?

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It’s funny because White Eyes would still do several hundred damage at least hehe

But it’s cool you can parry sharks

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I feel like it’d be hard as hell though since the hitbox might be huge and unpredictable due to incomplete animations

didnt aab say you could survive a white eyes by pbing with heavy woj

Yeah think he did

I’m just hoping the forums nerds can get it percent perfect :ok_hand:

You can survive it with your bare hands if you have more than 400 hp

“Parry this you filthy casual.”


yes you can assuming White Eyes deals a clean 2k Damage, you’ll take 400 damage, so it’ll be like getting kicked by the Minotaur but stronger and has to be perfect blocked


Becomes Warden

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I wonder who that friend is :sunglasses:

it does 2099, close enough

i need create a warden file only to pb sharks

download (1)

meta team comps:

-everyone goes warden using only shields with all 3 of the shield enchantments
-everyone goes healer except for 1 guy doing dps