Peta moment



peta somehow always finds a way to take the biggest of L’s the mankind has ever expirienced.

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What the sam hell…

we wear other animals’ skin because they are warm, fuzzy, and arent gross
wtf peta, you missed the point on why people use animal fur in clothing

It’s probably just a replica design (HOPEFULLY) of the concept

but if it isnt who donated their skin and teeth for those boots


its not real, lol. Pretty sure someone made a handbag from a child’s spine with osteoperosis though once or smthn.

What in the goddamn…?


what the fuck

Sure the child died, but “Ethically Sourced”. WHAT THE F*CK IS THIS

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yeah i’d pay like 50 bucks for that

If this becomes a trend i’m moving on to the next universe


We live in the dark timeline

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we live in a society

nah as someone who is being trapped in an underground peta torture camp, they are slowly removing our skin, teeth, flesh, bone, blood, and bodily fluids and turning them into clothing :smiley:

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“Zeno, this one has to go.”

Fellow Optimus viewer.

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Why have you done this? Why have you resurrected this ancient evil to wreak havoc on our Earth again?

didnt pay attention to the dates