Petition to make Sand usable underwater

  • Sand should work underwater (logical)
  • Sand should not work underwater (lame)

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There are a lot of magics that should work underwater. Including the heat-based ones (fire, magma, explosion, etc (but not ash)).

There are very few magics that would logically be completely negated in water.

all magic should work underwater to an extent but heat magics could be weaker underwater for “logical reasons”

A solution to make every magic work underwater is that simply, every magic works underwater but it’s weakened because Durza’s pollution bullshit contrasts our magic
Cause if magic fire isn’t actually fire then it can work underwater

It has recently come to my attention that Explosion magic works underwater.

Respectfully… what the fuck.

Water magic can’t be used in water by that logic

wooo explosion W

It doesn’t work for me.

They might’ve been talking about the explosion spell. You never know with Vetcord

If it did work underwater it would make sense for it to dissipate after a certain distance, leaving behind a cloud of sand in the water or something like that but all magics should have the ability to work underwater even if for a short period of time imo

make fire work underwater while your at it ;-;

Sand wont work in water, why else crocodile would have skill issue when he is wet with sea water :joy: