Phases of fashion in WoM

Here’s were the periods of fashion in the game, from my experience:

Early game/beta
This phase saw people with wack clothing combinations. The colours would be really off and people didn’t know how to match their magic colour with their clothes, or turn on vanity option and would show their armor.

This was when WoM had its main flood of players. We would see people wearing full iron armor and weapons. This was because iron armor was the easiest armor to get becuase it was explicitly sold in shops, so people thought it was the best armor at first. Chest hunting wasn’t really a thing back then so wizard robes weren’t worn much.

Post release
When people started diving deeper into the game, we would see some better looking clothing combinations, especially with wizard items and capes. The sweaty cool kids thought it would be cool to wear an all black wizard outfit, or a full set of wizard stuff of any colour. A bit earlier to this time, there would be a lot of characters with full black outfits and black hairs. All the asian kids thought it looked hardcore.

Current day
People start to get more creative and better looking designs. Players would rarely show their armor, and capes are definitely the new fashion. Colour schemes would match their magic, with 2 or 3 good colour combinations. The Valkyrie is also used a lot. Then theres also the people wearing full sunken gear to flex.

If I missed anything, please let me know!


I’m the Asian kid stuck in all black with black hair because it works for me. Might switch to gray or flex my Sunken, idk

Haha, nice. Jealous of that sunken :eyes:

The ‘Hiding armor’ bit is quite accurate… especially if you look at all my characters…

They’re so stylish, I only try to match my colors

I didn’t work very hard on the outfit because I wanted to get the name “Crystal Shield” and I didn’t want to remake a complex outfit a hundred times.
Also, I am too lazy to visit a tailor

It is mandatory that your fit matches your magic.

(wears all black with Ash magic)

Wait. . . thats illegal

looks straight at the tailor BLACK IS THE NEW BLACK

Is using fire so just made myself into witcher

Dang, this is literally me too.