Pics of tech's super cool collection of anime pillows

all images taken directly from tech’s bedroom



Please delete this comment. Very disrespectful.

dude this is peak comedy


interesting feet…

Uh oh deviantart alert

i actually expect some sort of knight armor in Tech’s room lol

that sht is nothing compare to others on deviant

Exiled body pillow when-

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People attracted to fictional characters should be discriminated

if this is from his bed… imagine his whole room…

i just died

from thinking about it or seeing it?

i am not awnsering that question


someone better bleach my eyes and my brain

I was singing “never gonna give you up” as I clicked on this then I saw this

What the FUCK happened to the forums if this is how these posts go now?

The forum is slowly rotting

will be revealing vetex’x foot fettish and his collection of anime feet.

{UPDATE} - got removed