Pilo chapter out!



bro this is sick

This is really well made, sad I ran out of likes.

Dangg man that was great. It’s awesome to see your work finally all together at once. I remember seeing your progress for years. It’s seriously a super good comic and I hope you continue it. Although first maybe it’d be best to redo some of the words? Some of them I can’t quite read or are too close together to read clearly. Not to mention there’s an empty text box for one frame. I can point out which ones specifically if you need me to, but yeah man this is amazing

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Yeah ill do that! Webtoons compresses my pictures and all of the words got blurry

this is incredible :wtf:
i have no words

Your art is so good!!!

this looks sick as hell, I want MORE

love the choreography. Now I wish some of the spells in the comic are available in-game lol

One day :weary:

This is amazingly drawn! I can’t wait for more

This goes unbelievably hard

Damn. This is actually really good, and from what I’m seeing, this is your first time making a comic at this level. We will watch your career with great interest.