Pirate or wizard in Arcane Odyssey?

With the new ship mechanics being shown I’d thought I’d do a poll and see what people are gonna revolve around more when Arcane odyssey comes out.

Arrr you gonna be a pirate and focus on upgrading your ship and destroying other pirates to become king of the war seas?

Or will you stick to the islands and train your magic skills to become the ultimate wizard?

I’m not trying to emphasize anything btw you can be whatever player you want in AO but which type of game style will you play more as Pirate or Wizard?

  • Pirate
  • Wizard

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weapons and fighting styles

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bear with me here:

Pirate wizard


Conjurers trying to vote on this poll:


wizard because i want mud magic

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When? The images? Or the one last month?

I see what you did there :smirk:

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Ones shown last month



he’s a pwisard harry sparrow


upgrading your ship aint that long + you have to fight anyway so you would end up training both


I don’t understand._.

I know i just thought it would be cool to separate these two into a poll :).