Plaguelock, ass or gas? (pun intended)

A plaguelock, a term I just made up because it sounded cool, is simply a warlock that uses :poison_magic_var1: as their magic choice.

Is this good? I know :poison_magic_var1: has a synergy with stuff like ironleg, though that’s about it as every other FS doesn’t really interact with :poison_magic_var1:.

sailor/:poison_magic_var1: does sound quite fun however.

what are your thoughts on this?


responses pls :innocent:

what am i meant to say

it would probably do some batshit insane damage if you ran poison arcanium gear and iron leg, not much else I can say

Apparently soaking has no synergy with poison so we most likely have to use iron leg for bleed synergy


body odor imbue :mask:

well the idea of it was that you could use sailor’s huge AoE and good stats to stack with poison’s high damage and lethal DoT

slang for “good” or “hype”

That’s a good idea actually

yeah go plagueleg

Foot Fungus Build :skull:

yea its a lot less about the synergy and more about the stats combining into something deadlier.

I guess sailor/poison is basically like a dark sea build which is cool

Actually my friend became a poison warlock recently with the stat reset, maybe I’ll ask him for an experiment

honestly don’t be surprised if it’s weak, but hey, give it a go.

I mean in my head, aggressive play styles with a constant DoT withering away at your opponent does sound quite useful, since it allows you to miss a little (while still dealing damage with tick)

you could also use canon fist which could be a little faster. The new magic stuff could go nice (some of that good stuff). you could also go glass second magic due to synergies and high power gear

Imo acid is better since Poison 20 second dot, while good almost never actually lasts 20 seconds as you’d pretty much always get a hit within 20 seconds

poilock or warson