Plan for annoying file

go any magic hybrid build
grind for negative rep
grind for balance magic
find saint and attack saint with balance magic to reduce his rep

back to neutral you go

oh you grinded for that saint rep?
too bad “turns him to neutral”

-or get wind with whatever stuff that would increase knockback in AO
with lost and primordials that do it aswell

well yes that would work as well

It’s fun to be using it and not the one being used on

its always fun being the annoying one

blanace magic can do that?

wind magic full knockback

im honestly curious about how far can you knock people with max lv wind magic and max knockback ( or amplify or smt i dont remember )

I can see that being a paid service, just pay the wind mage some galleons and they launch you closer to a specific island

i would pay to raise my extremely low rep on some files
also remove the annoying shit feature known as criminal records please

I think I saw criminal records being removed on trello patch notes once, I could just be imagining stuff though

demon vs hero battle is gonna suck man :skull:

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