Plan for reconstruction

As we all know, or at least most of us know, crowns have little to no value on the game because of codes, I am not sure if that will change but if it does I propose a plan for rebuilding the economy, we can start by estimating and polling, people opinions on how much items should cost in Galleons, a non broken currency. This would not be how much you would trade or sell it for but what you think it’s worth. Through this we could get a rough estimate on how the economy will work if it is repaired.

I did a poll on what I would say is the most wanted boss drop, so as to include a wide array of people.

(Keep in mind, this is if the codes get removed so everyone has to manually farm them.)

OathKeeper Worth
  • 1,000 Galleons
  • 2,000 Galleons
  • 3,000 Galleons
  • 4,000 Galleons
  • 5,000 Galleons
  • 10,000 + Galleons

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Fix poll


alright fixed

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Codes basically make crowns easy as HELL to get. It absolutely has to be 10k+, even 50k+.

Still 10k is a fair price if crowns did have value

50k? that would be like 2 weeks of non stop chest farming.

Or like 20 alts?

Read dude, if there weren’t anymore codes.

Do I consider people hoarding crowns in multiple guild banks

Before I vote, what was their value pre-code? Just wondering.

They were op pre-codes so still a lot

No like average price, preferably on the high side (pre-codes). I need that info in order to make my judgement.

40k pre-codes

jesus christ

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