Plasma Beams Reference

Old Viking Characters
Try to guess the reference


Kamehameha (x10? Maybe? Idk tbh) and Galick Gun from Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, also pretty nice drawing my dude

I thought he was referencing Goku and Vegeta about to have their beam struggle.

all i see is jojo, do i need help

Kamehameha and Galick Gun. Vegeta leg not that high tho and hers is all the way up there xd

Wait…is it just me that the girl has blue plasma…

Your colorblind it’s light purple

Just gives me jojo vibes, I would still guess something Dragon Ball

Ehm, probably I am colorblind.

Since that looks like the Galick Gun, I’d just like to say that either the right leg needs to go down, and the left needs to be bent, or just make her float and have the left leg bent as well. Other than that, great art.

Looks like blyke form unordinary

:nod: :nod::nod::nod: yes.